Sunday, October 19, 2014

Follow-up on Thursday October 9th's "Disappearing Act: Where have your Pollinators Gone?"

After our event, we promised a bit of follow-up.  And here it is!

On Thursday Oct 9th, Pollinators Paradise Project organized a panel discussion, "Disappearing Act: Where have our Pollinators Gone?  How can we help?" that featured the following speakers:

Susan Chan, M.SC in Pollination Biology (Native Pollinator Program)
Scott Meyer (St. Williams Nursery and Ecology Centre)
Luc Peters (Local Beekeeper)
Brenda Van Ryswyk (Conservation Halton)

The panel speakers were amazing (if we do say so ourselves ;), the discussion was lively and thoughtful.

Here is some follow-up from one of our speakers, Susan Chan.  She wanted to pass on this article. This is Susan's message.

There was mention last night of how European canola crops are being devastated as a result of the temporary ban of neonicotinoids in Europe.  Here is an very well informed and well written article by a well-respected UK  bumble bee scientist which responds to that.  Please circulate to the audience if possible.
Click here for the article.

As well, in addition, Susan suggested that we contact Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Hon Jeff Leal, MPP.   Premier Kathleen Wynne's office has listed their 2014 priorities for MPP's Leals' office and in the list of priorities included: to meaningfully decrease neonicotinoids in Ontario by 2015.  Susan suggested that each of us can contact MPP Leal and inform him and his ministry that we support his mandate.

Click here for the list of priorities.

And Hon. Jeff Leal, MPP can be reached at:
Queen's Park Office
1421 - 99 Wellesley Street W 1st Floor, Whitney Block
M7A 1W3
Phone: 416-326-3074

We are happy to say that in the panel discussion, there were other action items that Brenda Van Ryswyk listed which included: creating habitats for our bees, planting pollinator patches and learning more about the pollinators, we are happy to say that our project is doing all these things and more!

For more information about what we are doing, here is a list of upcoming events:

Last but not least we wanted to thank all our speakers for an interesting and informative evening and as well, thank our MC, Jarah West.  Lastly, thank everyone who came out that night and who supports our project. 

Hope to see you soon!