Monday, March 2, 2015

Seedy Saturday: A blast!

Juby Lee with Hamilton's Dream Team of Pollinator Plants Poster
We had a blast at Seedy Saturday! The Melansons did a fantastic presentation on raising monarchs in their backyard.  Their workshop was standing room only.  The family was out in full force with dad, Devin, mom, Sunila and their boys Calvin and Sean.   One the resources they used was a book, "How to Raise Monarchs" and they have been tweaking the process. A huge thanks to the Melansons for pouring so much time and energy in their presentation!

And we were handing out our brand new "Hamilton's Dream Team of Pollinator Plants" - a poster of native plants specific to our City! The coolest part of the poster is that each plant was hand drawn by local, talented artists.

Shout out to our artist volunteers:
Thank you to local landscape designer, Paul O'Hara for helping us identify which plants to include on our poster.

Want a poster? 
The posters are free (thanks to Copydog for the discount!) and we have them available at Environment Hamilton office and we'll be bringing them to our workshops and events.  Limited edition!
For more details, contact Juby
jlee (at) environmenthamilton (dot) org

(Thanks to photographer Mathew Eng for this picture).