Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Making a Bee Box with the Pollinator Paradise Project.

Thanks to Kathy Renwald at thespec.com for making this wonderful little video of a workshop we had last week at the Environment Hamilton offices, on how to build a bee box.
Kathy also wrote an article about the project: Home sweet home for native bees.

Armed with hammer, nails, hooks and hollow tubes, 22 people cobbled together bee nest boxes they hope will become homes to native bees. The production line took up every flat surface in the Environment Hamilton offices Tuesday night.

"We can't keep up with the demand," said Jen Baker of the Hamilton Naturalists' Club. Every time they offer a class, it sells out.

The club, along with Environment Hamilton and the Hamilton Community Foundation offers the bee box building workshops as part of the Pollinators Paradise Project.

Mary Johnston cut hollow tubes where bees will lay eggs, and pushed them into the small bee box. Though she has a good population of bees on her property, she likes the idea of doing more.

"I'm interested in doing anything I can to attract bees and butterflies to my garden," she said.

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