Friday, June 26, 2015

Pollinator Paradise Project Goes to School!

Report from the front lines! Our summer intern Kaelyn writes:

Kids made bee boxes
Members of the Hamilton Naturalist Club and Environment Hamilton have been visiting schools in the community to teach kids about the importance of pollinators.

During our visit to Queen Victoria School we introduced the students to native pollinators – bees especially – and their role in the community.

Together we made bee boxes for nesting solitary bees, later the students were able to decorate the boxes in their groups so they could be placed around the city.
Once the bee boxes were complete, the classes were ready to create their very own pollinator patch! The existing plants were removed from the edge of the school yard to make way for more brightly coloured, pollinator friendly, native plants such as asters and geranium.

This year’s sixth grade classes were pioneers for future pollinator patches. Upcoming sixth grade classes will maintain the current space as well as possibly adding new plants to increase biodiversity and provide more food for native pollinators.

These past few months and this experience has been wonderful. [I’m] really stoked that we got to garden and make houses for our local pollinators because without them we’re nothing”
-          Sheridan D.

    “Pollinators help the earth, and news flash we need the earth – no earth no us.” – Ayrek