Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Pollinator Gardens Tour and Native Plants Sale at local church: A success!

Sept 5th--

The pollinator garden tour at the First Unitarian Church is describe by tour leader Joanne Tunnicliffe as being "a stellar event."

Here is what she writes:
Thanks to the native plant people who took time to explain the types of plants and why they were important. We had some great deals from they and now they have to go into private gardens and the Unitarian church.
What I like best about this are the positive networking that comes out of an excited group of people willing to follow the many ideas given out on the church tour.
We have a few offers of native plants, trees and shrubs from our excited audience so we look forward to some follow up on that. We even had a couple interested in helping out on occasion and another all set to join our church and will be there on Sunday.
All the many hours spend in readiness paid off by the energy given back by the eager folks who showed up to learn, who asked questions and who were genuinely thrilled to be a part of our beautiful church gardens.
We have a small group of dedicated gardeners who have spent a lot of time taking care of particular gardens that reflect their interests.  We have a large spread out garden area and without the help of our volunteers it would not be showing as well as it did today.
Thank you for the support of Betty and Victoria who have seen the progress from day one and often remark on the many changes occurring with each season.
Especially to Beatrice and Juby, the co-ordinators, we send a heart-felt thanks for making our church community gardens open to the public and giving us the opportunity to share our principles, goals and passions.   

Here's what vendor, Paul O'Hara of Blue Oak Native Landscapes writes:

Thanks so much for organizing the plant sale and walk.  It was a great success and well worth it for Wendy and I.  I really should think about having a plant sale every year in spring and fall.  Great to see all the interested folks and a great way to get more native plants in the neighbourhood.  

We thank Gail Rappolt and Rita Bailey for sharing their wonderful gardens with us as well!