Wednesday, June 22, 2016

"We want to be planters when we grow up."

Bobolink, CityHousing.
It was a hot, hot Friday afternoon in June but the kids at Bobolink CityHousing were undaunted by the heat. They were excited by the prospect of planting a garden to attract butterflies, bees, birds and other beneficial insects with the Hamilton Pollinator Paradise Project. This is a project of Environment Hamilton and the Hamilton Naturalist Club, with the goal of planting native species habitat across the city of Hamilton. "I've been gardening since I was two," said one particularly knowledgable nine year old. "My mum and I garden together." Another enthusiastic nine year old promised he would be sure to water the garden and keep a general eye out for it: "I'm going to be a planter when I grow up," he said. He eagerly pointed out his thriving vegetable garden plot on the same property. Even a four year old child helped put plants into soil. Taking breaks to sip on cool lemonade, the "planting pollinator paradise party" concluded with tasty pizza for all involved.

To date, the Pollinator Paradise Project has been engaging community members across the city in planting habitat and building a "pollinator corridor." It has around twenty five sites across the city and encourages residents to get involved by planting habitat on their own properties.