Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Westmount Eco-Ninjas Fundraised for us!

Angela Dittrich is a Hamilton student and avid environmentalist. She is a member of Environment Hamilton's Youth Taking Root and the Westmount Eco-Ninjas. She graduated from Westmount this past June, and is starting her Bachelor's Degree at McMaster for Integrated Sciences this fall.

This wonderful youth helped organize a fundraiser (the Pollen Project) at her school for out Pollinator Paradise Project.

Here is what she writes:

This past April, Westmount's environment club (the Eco-Ninjas) teamed up with the Students Promoting Leadership Action Team (SPLAT) to raise awareness of pollinators in Hamilton, as the decline of pollinator populations is a major concern today.

Westmount's Pollen Project ran for two weeks as part of Westmount's Earth Day activities, collecting donations in the cafeteria from staff and students. Volunteers presented information about Pollinators Paradise Project as well as facts about the impacts of a declining pollinator population. Anyone who donated was given a paper bee or flower on which they could write their name. These flowers and bees were used to create a garden mural outside of the Learning Commons to represent the amount of support the Pollen Project had received.

Over 100 staff and students donated, and $123 was raised for Environment Hamilton's Pollinators Paradise Project. The Eco-Ninjas and SPLAT would like to thank the staff and students who donated, as well as Pollinators Paradise Project for bringing light to such an important topic and making a difference in Hamilton.

Lovely! Thanks Angela and the Eco Ninjas!