Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Protecting our Native Bees and other Pollinators: Forum is today.

We are excited to be hosting our annual forum: Protecting Our Native Bees and Other Pollinators: What we can do to help.

Our line up includes:

Peter Kevan, Professor Emeritus, Guelph University. Dr. Kevan's research focuses on community and applied ecology, pollination biology, native vegetation and insect fauna, conservation of beneficial insects, apiculture, plant breeding systems, foraging and perception by arthropods, insect thermoregulation, arctic ecology.

Scott MacIvor
Dr. Scott MacIvor is a post doctoral researcher and lecturer at the University of Toronto in the Department of Biological Science and the Faculty of Landscape Architecture. He is interested in urban biodiversity (especially bees), ecosystem functioning, and green infrastructure.

Michelle Ordyniec has been involved with beekeeping for the last 4 years. She began her interest and work with honeybees while working at Weir’s Lane Lavender Farm. Through lots of beekeeping programs, classes, research, personal experience, and an extra dose of passion, she's become pretty knowledgable about bees (not limited to honeybees!) With the mentorship of other local beekeepers, she has worked with the ten-odd hives on the farm, as well as keeping honeybees at her home in Hamilton.

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