Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Winter-Sowing for Native Plants: Workshop

Master Gardener, Bev Wagar. This is how to sow.
Our friends and partners in crime at the Crown Point Garden Club are offering a fun workshop on winter-sowing for native plants. What is winter-sowing you ask? Winter sowing is a method of starting seeds outdoors in winter. This is generally done with seeds that require a period of cold stratification. The method takes advantage of natural temperatures, rather than artificially refrigerating seeds. You can read two blog posts on past winter-sowing workshops here and here.

Milkweed seeds
Here's the scoop:

Try an easy, inexpensive and fun way to grow lots of milkweed and other native perennials from seed. Planted in mini-greenhouses made from recycled household plastic containers placed outdoors, seeds germinate in the spring and plants are garden-ready by summer.

Join local enthusiasts from the Crown Point Garden Club who will help you get started. Participants need to bring planting containers (translucent milk jugs, litre-sized clear plastic bottles, or deep mushroom tubs), sharp scissors, potting mix, a bucket or large bowl, and seeds. Potting mix will be available to buy for $5 a bag.

The event happens Wed. Feb. 8, 7-9pm at Evergreen's Collaboration Station at 294 James St. North.
We'll be there! 

Space is limited and pre-registration is required through EventBrite 

In the mean time, get inspired and read up about winter-sowing here.