Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Monarch Awards 2017: Extended Deadline

Christine's Garden.
Many of you have told us that you would like more time for your flowers to show before applying to the Monarch Awards 2017. Others say they don't feel their gardens are up to snuff; they will try for the following year. We say, Go for it today! Don't be shy! The Monarch Awards welcomes all gardeners who garden for nature so please don't worry if your garden is not "perfect." Nature doesn't!

To this end, the team has decided to extend the deadline a week more. The new deadline to apply is June 25th. Come on! You can do it. And remember, everyone gets a free, We are Feeding Pollinators sign.

Christine Filinski is one gardener who is applying to the awards. Here is what she says about her garden:

Over the years of living in our home we have worked towards making the garden a fine balance of area to feed our family and area to feed pollinators. The front yard has become a mash up of both. We have come to notice that our yard stands out from all the others and may be seen as quite wild to a lot of people. We allow typical "weeds" to grow such as goldenrod, bugle weed and milkweed because the pollinators adore them.  We see many species of bees, butterflies and birds in our yard. The birds enjoy the variety of bugs and seeds they find as well as all the hiding spots the plants provide.  In the future I hope to add a second bird bath, a second bee house and to find some native shade plants that are pollinator friendly.

You see, a garden is never "done" as we all know, and we can always find ways to improve and enhance our spot of earth. So take a chance and apply today! #MonarchAwards2017