Do you have a pollinator patch that you are proud of and want the world to know about?

Certifying Pollinator Paradise in Hamilton: Let’s bring back Hamilton’s pollinators!

Monarchs, bees and other pollinators need our help accessing healthy food.
Hamilton Pollinators Paradise Project encourages Hamiltonians to plant pollinator patches. As part of the project, we offer a certification program where people who plant pollinator patches can register and we'll add their location to a map that lists patches across the city.

You can certify your new or existing Pollinator Paradise patch to show that you are creating habitat and contributing to pollinator conservation in Hamilton.

How to Participate
(1) Create a pollinator patch - this can be done from scratch by planting a diversity of native plants that are attractive to pollinators. You may already have a pollinator patch that can be certified as a Pollinator Paradise. If so, go to step 2.

(2) Confirm that Pollinator Paradise criteria are met and complete the Certification Application. Requirements are included with the application materials.
Submit it online or download and print it out to mail or fax.

(3) You will receive a weatherproof sign for display that identifies your pollinator patch as an official Pollinator Paradise.  Please submit photos of your Pollinator Paradise to be included in the online map.

(4) Enjoy your Pollinator Paradise and encourage others to create their own!

Please fill in the online form here.